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6 Unrealistic Relationship Expectations That Will Sabotage Your Love Life


As a teenager, I expected that feeling of being in love to last a lifetime. When the reality of relationships and everyday life started to set in, I thought my husband didn’t love me anymore. Did you ever feel like that? That is, waking up to the reality of what a relationship really is.

Some people might know this and might move from relationship to relationship, looking for this emotional high. It can be another form of addiction. It doesn’t mean the love will end but rather, it gets more stable, deeper, and more deliberate.And if you want a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime, you need to wake up these realities.

It is your appreciation that makes a relationship thrive, not your expectation of what it’s supposed to be.

If you find you’re always having relationship problems and issues that can’t seem to be resolved, maybe it is time to look at your expectations and see if they are in line with the reality in your relationship. Here are 6 unrealistic expectations that can kill a relationship before it gets the chance to thrive.

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