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Source: History Channel

The French astrologer is believed by many to have foreseen pretty much every major historical event since the 16th century, ranging from the Great Fire of London to the assassination of JFK, and even the COVID pandemic.

Nostradamus wrote down nearly a thousand predictions in a book published in 1555 called Les Propheties (The Prophecies). Whilst he seems to know a great deal about our lives, the intricate details of his life are less well-known. Here are nine facts about the world’s most famous psychic.

1. His name is Latinised

2. Nostradamus was expelled from medical school

3. His craft was forged from great loss

4. A bowl of water gave Nostradamus his powers

5. Almanacs made Nostradamus famous

6. He created a recipe known as a ‘Love Jam’

7. Nostradamus never gave specific dates

8. The Nazi’s used Nostradamus as propaganda

9. Nostradamus predicted his own death

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