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What Is The Psychology of Advertising?

To encourage you to buy their product, companies may try to elicit a certain emotion. This is known as the psychology of advertising. So, how do they do it? Using cute animals Who hasn’t stopped scrolling their social media feeds to watch a cat video or look at a funny dog meme? Animals often bring about…

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Lithium mining: How new production technologies could fuel the global EV revolution

Source: Mckinsey

Despite expectations that lithium demand will rise from approximately 500,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) in 2021 to some three million to four million metric tons in 2030, we believe that the lithium industry will be able to provide enough product to supply the burgeoning lithium-ion battery industry. However, satisfying the demand for lithium…

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Raw Materials Fetch Premium Prices

Source: Statista

The effects of the war in Ukraine are felt in many ways – the one that is probably most pervasive in the daily lives of people around the world is rising prices. Russia and Ukraine have a significant influence on the world economy due to their role as suppliers of a number of essential raw materials. These…

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Every Bear Market is Different

Source: Compound Advisors

It’s official: the Bear Market of 2022. The S&P 500 has now fallen 20.9% from its high in early January, the largest decline for the index since March 2020. The question everyone’s asking: what happens next? To answer that, we often look back at history, attempting to find parallels with the past. But even a…

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