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Fears over 5G : Merkel sounds warning about Huawei spying claims

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on European countries to agree on a common approach towards China. In particular, Chancellor Merkel says Europe needs a unified policy on the rollout of the next-generation 5G mobile network. Some German lawmakers want to exclude China’s Huawei from 5G contracts, following warnings from the United States about the…

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Who is Leading in Renewable Energy

As renewable energy gets cheaper, its adoption is becoming more widespread. Around the world, governments are tapping renewable sources to fuel the growing demand for energy. But as the conversation steers away from the costs of clean energy to the best practices, CNBC’s Nessa Anwar evaluates which countries are having the most success and the…

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Uber loses its license to operate in London

In a shock decision, the city of London has stripped Uber of Its license to operate in the city — dealing Uber a serous setback in one of Its largest markets. The announcement: The city’s transportation agency said Monday that it had concluded that Uber is not “fit and proper” to hold the license, citing…

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