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Labour markets in the rich world are recovering from covid-19 But the low-paid and the young may continue to struggle

Source: Economist

NEARLY A YEAR and a half ago, covid-19 was spreading rapidly across the rich world and countries were starting to lock down. Millions were left unable to work as everything from factories and building sites to shops and restaurants closed. Since then, vaccines have been administered, economies have largely reopened and various aspects of pre-pandemic…

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Last weekend’s Intelligent Investor column looked at the extreme difficulties of disentangling skill from luck when you are evaluating investment performance. Graham, of course, was the founder of security analysis as a profession, Buffett’s professor and first boss. He is universally regarded as one of the best investors of the 20th century. But Graham, who outperformed the stock…

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Microsoft Joins Apple in the Exclusive 2 Trillion Club

Source: Chartr

Yesterday Microsoft joined a very exclusive club of companies — those with a market capitalization of more than $2 trillion (with a T). Under CEO Satya Nadella Microsoft has thrived as the software giant has grown its cloud computing division — Azure — while maintaining its position as the de facto operating system of choice for most PC users and building…

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How hydrogen combustion engines can contribute to zero emissions

Source: Mckinsey

Regulators are tightening emissions rules for on-highway trucks in many of the world’s largest markets (Exhibit 1). From 2030 onward, regulators in Europe will require manufacturers to cut CO2 emissions for new on-highway trucks by 30 percent compared with 2019 levels. There are four true zero-emissions technologies to power vehicles: battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), hydrogen internal…

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$12 Billion Government Contractor Booz Allen Facilitates Ransomware Payments—Even Though The FBI Says Never Pay

Source: Forbes

Recent incidents hitting health institutions, gas giant Colonial Pipeline and beef supplier JBS have all shown how disruptive such attacks, in which hackers steal data, lock up victims’ files, and demand a ransom in return for unlocking it, can be. Both Colonial and JBS ended up paying millions to the hackers. This time around, though,…

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U.S. and EU resolve 17-year Boeing-Airbus trade dispute

Source: CNBC

The United States and European Union said Tuesday they have resolved a 17-year-long fight over aircraft subsidies, agreeing to suspend tariffs for five years stemming from the Boeing–Airbus dispute. “This meeting has started with a breakthrough on aircraft,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who met with President Joe Biden at a U.S.-EU summit in…

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