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What the cyber-attack on the US oil and gas pipeline means and how to increase security

Source: World Economic Forum

The recent cyber-attack on the US major oil and gas pipeline could become one of the most expensive attacks to an economy. The increasing digitalization of critical infrastructure sectors such as oil and gas, and the associated industrial systems, is changing the nature of cyber risks. The World Economic Forum recently ran a survey among…

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Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times

Source: Mckinsey

Great problem solvers are made, not born. That’s what we’ve found after decades of problem solving with leaders across business, nonprofit, and policy sectors. They’re terrific problem solvers under any conditions. And when conditions of uncertainty are at their peak, they’re at their brilliant best. Six mutually reinforcing approaches underly their success: (1) being ever-curious…

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The Most Innovative Economies in the World

Source: Statista

Cancer research, meat alternatives and smart home technologies are among the major developments of our time. But which countries are world leaders in research and development, patent activity, high-tech density and everything that comes with fostering innovation? A Bloomberg ranking released today shows the most innovative countries by index value. South Korea ranked highest in…

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