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5 Ways to Keep Jealousy From Destroying Love

Source: Psychology Today

Relationship-threatening jealousy can happen for a variety of reasons. Insecurity is a major factor. Lifelong attachment issues can be another. For example, those who grew up with an insecure attachment to a primary caregiver that caused them to be highly anxious seek constant reassurance and closeness with a romantic partner, perhaps more closeness than is comfortable for the partner. There are…

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How to perform well under pressure

Source: Psyche

‘Mental toughness’ is the wrong approach. It’s a popular coping style but it can backfire by causing you to see challenges as threats. Develop your ‘mental flexibility’ instead. This way, you’ll be better able to think on your feet and cope with the unexpected. Separate yourself from your thoughts. We all have difficult thoughts, but…

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How to Avoid Losing Friends Over Politics

Tips for communicating with friends who have different political beliefs. If you feel a friendship is otherwise solid, and you want to avoid breaking it up over political differences, here are some communication techniques you can try. Build a strong foundation: It can be tempting to launch into a political debate. Still, if your goal…

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