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The psychology of regret: how inaction affects our sense of self

Psychologists consider that three main domains make up the perception of the self. Your “actual self” is who you currently are; your “ought self” is who you think you should be based on your obligations or responsibilities; your “ideal self” is who you could be, or who you might dream of being. You may aspire to be financially successful,…

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Fear of judgement: why we are afraid of being judged

If you have ever worried that poor performance in an evaluation will lead to a friend or colleague developing a negative opinion of you, then you are not alone. Fear of judgement by others is common. In evolutionary terms, a fear of judgement makes sense as relating to the need to survive in society. For…

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Intentional learning in practice: A 3x3x3 approach April 19, 2021

What drives most of us to learn something new is curiosity and a desire to keep growing. Turning that desire into new capabilities, though, requires a plan. As we have noted in our earlier research about intentional learning, it’s essential to cultivate both the right mindset and the right skills to keep learning throughout our personal and…

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Sometimes Mindlessness Is Better Than Mindfulness

Source: Scientific American

“Be present.” This is the mantra of mindfulness meditation and a supposed key to self-awareness and acceptance. One thing the mindfulness-based interventions had in common is that they all attempted to cultivate focus on the present moment via multiple sessions of meditation practice. Although mindfulness has its merits, psychological research has also revealed that in…

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A psychologist shares the 4 styles of parenting—and the type that researchers say is the most successful

Source: CNBC

Since children do not come with manuals, parents often struggle to determine how to raise mentally strong, well-rounded and successful kids. Some parents are strict, while others are lenient. Some are vigilant, while others are distant. If the question ″What type of parent do I want to be?” has ever crossed your mind, it helps to understand…

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