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The Nirvana fallacy: when perfectionism leads to unrealistic solutions

“Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien” wrote Voltaire in 1772. The Nirvana fallacy consists in comparing existing solutions with ideal, perfect ones—which are often unrealistic. The Nirvana fallacy can lead to dangerous thinking and harmful decisions. Solutions that improve safety but do not completely eliminate a risk are often the victim of the Nirvana fallacy.…

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Larry King Always Asked Questions Like This, and It Was Pure Emotional Intelligence

Source: Inc

People will remember Larry King for many reasons, but I think they all grew from the same original place. In short, King succeeded for decades as an interviewer because he learned to ask questions, listen closely, and follow up correctly. As a result, he got people to open up and reveal themselves — sometimes more than they intended to. Here…

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Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories

2020 was a banner year for conspiracy theories. The outbreak was intentionally caused; the virus was created in a lab; the virus was caused by the rollout of the 5G cellphone network; the virus was spread by Bill Gates so that he could use a vaccination program to implant microchips into people that would let…

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Creating habits: how long does it take to form a habit?

Source: Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Dr. Phillippa Lally is a behavioural scientist and health psychologist. During her PhD and fellowship at University College London, her work focused on habit formation and weight control. In an experimental study, her team investigated the process of habit formation in everyday life. They enrolled 96 participants and asked them to choose an eating, drinking…

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