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TikTok’s plan to not screw up midterms

Source: The Hustle

TikTok has struggled with election misinformation in the US and other countries, but it hopes to better protect users during the upcoming midterms through: Improved labeling on political videos that people can use to access an “Elections Center” with authoritative sources in 45+ languages. Strong enforcement of its paid political ad ban, even for videos influencers make on behalf…

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The will to fight Throughout history, the most effective combatants have powered to victory on commitment to core values and collective resolve

Source: Aeon

Throughout history, the most effective combatants, revolutionaries and insurgents have been ‘devoted actors’ fused together by dedication to non-negotiable ‘sacred values’ such as God, country or liberty. Military incursions nearly always plan for maximum force at the beginning to ensure victory. But if defenders resist, or are allowed to recoup, then the advantage often shifts to those…

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Source: History

A popular character from Sky HISTORY’s hit show Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok was originally a legendary hero and king of Norse sagas. Known for his countless raids of the British Isles, fearless leadership, and legendary sons whose own epic sagas have immortalised them in Norse legends, Ragnar’s adventures have captivated audiences across centuries. However, despite the popularity of…

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Where Food Imports Are Affected in the Ukraine Crisis

Source: Statista

A first grain freighter left the Ukrainian port of Odessa on Monday after crucial food exports out of the country had stalled for months due to the Russian war in the country. According to the Food & Fertilizer Export Restrictions Tracker by the International Food Policy Research Institute, 20 countries in the world are currently banning the export of…

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