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Why women are less likely to be corrupt than men

Source: Economist

IN JANUARY TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL, an NGO, released its annual report on corruption around the world. Measured by its average index, corruption has not improved for a decade. In many poor countries it is getting worse. The authors’ recommendations include strengthening anti-corruption agencies, cracking down on financial crime and making public spending more transparent. But some countries…

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Rising Share of U.S. Adults Are Living Without a Spouse or Partner

Source: Pew Research

As relationships, living arrangements and family life continue to evolve for American adults, a rising share are not living with a romantic partner. A new Pew Research Center analysis of census data finds that in 2019, roughly four-in-ten adults ages 25 to 54 (38%) were unpartnered – that is, neither married nor living with a partner.1 This share is up sharply…

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Intentional learning in practice: A 3x3x3 approach April 19, 2021

What drives most of us to learn something new is curiosity and a desire to keep growing. Turning that desire into new capabilities, though, requires a plan. As we have noted in our earlier research about intentional learning, it’s essential to cultivate both the right mindset and the right skills to keep learning throughout our personal and…

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