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Why Do People in Relationships Cheat?

Source: Scientific American

Cheating: it’s the ultimate relationship violation and a notorious relationship killer.As researchers have recently demonstrated, cheating is rarely a simple affair. There are many reasons why people cheat, and the patterns are more complex than common stereotypes suggest. A fascinating new study sheds some light on these motivations. Around two thirds of participants (62.8 percent)…

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The most fundamental skill: Intentional learning and the career advantage

Source: Mckinsey

Learning itself is a skill, and developing it is a critical driver of long-term career success. Formal learning opportunities account for only a small percentage of the learning a professional needs over the course of a career. Everyday experiences and interactions offer tremendous learning opportunities, but only if you intentionally treat every moment as a…

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Where are the world’s most expensive cities?

Source: Economist

IN THE 1980s Hiroaki Ota, a Japanese psychiatrist working in Paris, identified a rare condition suffered by some Japanese visitors who were disappointed by the French capital. “Paris syndrome” has been eradicated this year, owing to the near-total shutdown of international travel. According to the latest findings of the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey from…

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