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Researchers seek to advance predictive AI for engineers with CAD model data set

Source: Venture Beat

Artificial intelligence appears poised to augment or replace human artists in some cases. Carnegie Mellon University researchers are training a robot to pick up painting techniques by watching humans, and last month MIT researchers introduced a generative model that predicts how humans paint landscape art by training AI with YouTube videos of people painting. Now a…

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Thriving in the era of pervasive AI

Source: Deloitte

We are entering a new chapter in the adoption of the current generation of AI technologies: Capabilities are advancing, it is becoming easier to develop and implement AI applications, and companies are seeing tangible benefits from adoption. We have seen AI deployed across a wide spectrum of use cases to solve business problems—from managing and…

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Why Deep Investment In Automation Results In More Jobs

Source: Forbes

“We can see that industrial robots increase employee wages and increase productivity and that the number of jobs for low-skilled employees, and also to some extent for the medium-skilled, decreases, while job opportunities for the highly skilled increase,” the authors say. “The process of machines replacing human labor is not something that is new,” they say. “It’s been…

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These are the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers of 2020

Source: World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum announces its 20th cohort of 100 new Technology Pioneers. This year’s cohort includes leaders in carbon capture, alternative meat, circular economies, food security and financial access, to name but a few. Technology Pioneers are also contributing to COVID-19 responses through testing, diagnostics and more. Learn more about the Technology Pioneers here.…

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How Amazon Has Reorganized Around Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


AI isn’t located in a single office at Amazon, and information is spread throughout departments. The cashier-less Amazon Go store also took advantage of the wealth of data to track customer shopping trends. AI also plays a huge role in Amazon’s recommendation engine, which generates 35% of the company’s revenue. Using data from individual customer…

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Researchers say deep learning will power 5G and 6G cognitive radios


For decades, amateur two-way radio operators have communicated across entire continents by choosing the right radio frequency at the right time of day, a luxury made possible by having relatively few users and devices sharing the airwaves. But as cellular radios multiply in both phones and Internet of Things devices, finding interference-free frequencies is becoming more…

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