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Creative Problem Solving: from complex challenge to innovative solution

Source: Dr. Hannah England

Even if you usually excel at finding solutions, there will be times when it seems that there’s no obvious answer to a problem. It could be that you’re facing a unique challenge that you’ve never needed to overcome before. Creative Problem Solving offers a structured method to help you find an innovative and effective solution.

The first principle is to look at problems and reframe them into questions. While problem statements tend to not generate many responses, open questions can lead to a wealth of insights, perspectives, and helpful information.

The second principle is to balance divergent and convergent thinking. Balancing divergent and convergent thinking creates a steady state of creativity in which new ideas can be assessed and appraised to search for unique solutions.

The third principle for creative problem solving is to defer judgement. By judging solutions too early, you will risk shutting down idea generation.

How to practice Creative Problem Solving?

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