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Procrastination is Contagious

Source: Time Management

Well, maybe it is not a newsflash.  I think we all know that you become like those that you hang out with. (Remember when your parents were concerned about you hanging out with a certain crowd in school?  Makes sense, doesn’t it?)

It has been shown time and again that people adapt their habits and behavior to fall in line with others around them.  It really doesn’t matter why: whether it is science, social, or just a need to fit in.  This can be applied to exercise, health, eating, beliefs,  habits, …and yes, productivity.

So, it is for this reason that you need to be aware that procrastination is contagious. In fact, it is a sickness that can destroy individuals and companies.  Are you in danger of catching procrastination from those around you?  Or did you already?

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