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The paradoxical power of humility: how being humble is a strength

Confusion around the definition of humility is common. Some may incorrectly assume that those who are humble have low self-esteem or a low opinion of themselves. A person who is humble is likely to be more courteous, respectful, and in tune with the feelings of others.

Dr JianChun Yang and colleagues further investigated why humility among leaders is important. They found that leaders who express humility are likely to see improved growth, development, and performance among their team members.

Researchers have found that those who are humble enjoy better physical and mental health, even when faced with stressful life events.

Humility is proven to be a powerful personality trait. It can boost work performance, improve the quality of our relationships, and even support mental wellbeing in the face of adversity.

the following strategies will help you strengthen this valuable personality trait:

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