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What is 5G?

Source: Mckinsey

5G—or fifth-generation wireless technology—is powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Sure, 5G is faster than 4G. But 5G is more than just (a lot) faster: the connectivity made possible with 5G is significantly more secure and more stable than its predecessors.

To date, 5G will enable four key use-case archetypes, they are:

1- Enhanced mobile broadband. The faster speed, lower latency, etc…

2-Internet of Things (IoT). Existing cellular networks are not able to keep up with the explosive growth in the number of connected devices, from smart refrigerators…

3- Mission-critical control. Connected devices are increasingly used in applications that require absolute reliability, such as vehicle safety systems or medical devices.

4- Fixed wireless access. The speeds made possible by 5G make it a viable alternative to wired broadband in many markets, particularly those without fiber optics.

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